The mission of my store is to share all my passions in one place. Making Jewelry, knives, crafts, and shooting photographs is what gives me happiness. The name of my store comes from from the idea you can be a California native or a New York native or you can even be a Chicago native. But when you were born in England and you grow up an Airforce brat in Spain and other parts of the world. Where staying in one place for two years was a good run. Your'e really not a native of anywhere. So with my love of the outdoor lifestyle and how much time I spend in the outdoors and with nature. I consider myself an Outdoor native. This store is not just a store about me. It's a place to share everything that is important to me with others. My store started out as a place to sell my one of a kind hand made jewelry. When I realized I wanted to sell my handmade knives and crafts as well, I added  the The Trading Post department. Which now has evolved into a department where you can also find unique collectibles that I have picked over the past 35 years. Picking is one of the things that is in my blood. I was also lucky enough to have my daughter catch the picking bug. It was something we spent a lot of time doing together and is still something we do together til this day.  And lastly I added the Photography department where you will find my photographs. I love to shoot B&W with my large format camera. But shoot 35mm with my Nikon F. And shoot digital with a Nikon as well.

I am the owner and operator of this store. I create all the jewelry in Outdoor Native Jewelry department. All of my handmade knives and crafts I create, you will find in the Trading Post department and will be noted in the description. This is also were you will find vintage and unique collectibles. All the photography is shot by myself. Most of the processing and printing in done in house as well.

My client's are someone who appreciates handmade and vintage items. Also is a person who can appreciate what goes into making a one of a kind piece.

My store offers an eclectic collection of one of a kind handmade pieces as well as unique items.

I try to keep to as traditional a style as I can when creating a piece. l try to keep my pricing well below asking price for same or like items.